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LEBANON: Syrian Refugees Falling A Prey To Frostbite Due To Severe Snowfall And Frost


The cold wave that has hit large regions of the Middle East in recent days has now claimed its first victims among the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Syrian Refugees affected by severe winter
Syrian Refugees affected by severe winter

According to media reports, severe winters have starting affecting the refugees badly as Father Paul Karam, President of Caritas Lebanon tells, “Four people have died form hypothermia and concern increases, as a new drop in temperatures has been announced”. The most affected area is the Bekaa Valley, in the north of the Country, where refugee camps have been covered by snow, roads are blocked and the temperature has dropped below zero.

Due to ongoing unrest in Syria, at least three million Syrian refugees were forced to seek refuge outside their own Country. “In Lebanon official estimates speak of a million 200 thousand refugees registered, but according to our estimates the real figure reaches one million 600 thousand. We are trying to do everything possible to distribute food, blankets, stoves, fuel, warm clothes. The international community has put the Syrian conflict in the shadow. And the most defenceless, those who pay the highest price are children and young people, who account for nearly half of this immense multitude of refugees,” says Father Karam.