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Let’s Pray And Work Together For A Prosperous And Peaceful Pakistan, Says Albert David


MIRPUR: Christians in Pakistan passionately celebrated Independence day with patriotic spirit and fervour.

Christians celebrated Independence Day
Christians celebrated Independence Day

At this occasion, Albert David- Chairman Pakistan United Christian Movement, said, ”Today we are celebrating our 66th independence day. No doubt freedom is a huge blessing and we must celebrate this blessing with zeal and joy as Pakistanis and as Christians. Let’s pray and work together for a prosperous and peaceful Pakistan. Let us not forget that our first identity in the community of Nations is being Pakistanis, let’s be proud of it. Yes, there are many inequalities that hurt us as Non-Muslims, be it constitutional, social or political.”


Mr. Albert David, further maintained in his message that, “However there are bigger challenges that we face as Pakistanis like war against terrorism being the biggest. And let’s not forget the energy crisis, economic problems and governance issues and above all the current situation at the borders with India. Dear friends, we have to stand up to these challenges as Pakistanis, we have to come out of our alienation and own Pakistan and the national issues. We have to make use of all our potentials and work with the wider community to overcome these challenges.”


While highlighting the role of Christians as Pakistanis, he said, “As Pakistani Christians, we have another important responsibility. We have to regain the same glory and honour that we had during the first three decades of our independence. Where we produced soldiers who wrote history, our education institutions were the best and produced leaders of national and international stature, we had an important role and presence in the field of medicine. Unfortunately our progress and development has slowed down. Though there have been many reasons for this both social and political however we must admit that we have suffered from brain drain.”


In the end he expressed his loyalties to Pakistan saying,” Let us today make a pledge that we will work together and implement the word “unity” that we talk about the most. Let us start appreciating each other’s abilities rather than criticizing just for the sake of it. Let’s not work for quick wins. Let’s start thinking and planning for 20-25 years ahead. Let’s not only think politically but analytically, not only be leaders but visionaries.”