LHC moved over protection of minorities’ worship places


The Lahore High Court has asked Punjab Government to submit a reply on a petition for protection of worship places of minorities and restoration of a Jain Mandir. Justice Atir Mahmood, Lahore High Court judge heard the petition case on Thursday, September 28.

Lahore High Court

The petitioner Barrister Syed Javed Iqbal Jafri had moved the Lahore High Court against demolition of a Jain Mandir and protection of minorities’ places of worship. The petitioner had maintained that the demolition of the Jain Mandir was an absolute violation of the constitution.

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The court was informed that many illegal buildings had been constructed around churches, temples and other worship places. These illegal buildings have not been razed yet, which was a cause of alarm for the minorities. During the hearing, a Federal law officer informed the court that under the 18th amendment, it was the responsibility of the provincial government to protect the places of worship belonging to minorities.

The court was also informed by a member of the Board of Revenue that all the self-governing institutions and departments have been directed to take steps in order to protect the historic sites which belonged to the religious minorities. Moreover, a provincial law officer said that Jain Mandir was smashed in retaliation to the demolition of Babri mosque.

Justice Atir Mahmood said that temples were damaged during the period after demolition of Babari mosque. LHC judge directed the federal law officer to submit a report about the demolition of the Jain Mandi. The court was adjourned for two weeks.