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LHC Sets A Blasphemy Accused Free


LAHORE: Blasphemy accused Younis Masih gets vindicated, whilst LHC lets him off the hook.


The news of his acquittal came as a surprise as Younis Masih was released on appeal by Lahore High Court Lahore. Notwithstanding, some organisations are claiming to have been involved in relocating him to an unstipulated location for the sake of his security after his release.

Younis Maish, received capital punishment by a local court on May 30, 2007. An appeal was against this decision was thus filed causing re-opening of his case in September 2012. Prior to his release, the blasphemy accused Christian pined away behind the bars since the police had booked him on 10 September, 2005. His ordeal came to an end when he was declared innocent by Lahore High Court by the DB of Justice Khaja Amtiaz Ahmed and Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan. Moreover, Younis Masih had suffered a heart attack on 8 January, 2013 and is still suffering from serious physical and mental distress.

Younis Masih while recalling his tribulation he said, “I was very welcomed by some persons after my release from jail but keeping me two weeks in their custody, then discarded and threw me as tissue paper in dustbin. I have four Children and I have no job and no one is supporting me. I am living in fear of attacks and do not know when someone will kill me.


“He is living with us and we are also under threats and many threatening letters on our names, we have received by our owner of house”, told his brther.

“I have heard that Rimsha Masih had been relocated to Canada but why no one is caring about my life. I am not able to do any job among Muslims and I always remained in disguise and I do not show and tell anyone that I am Younis Masih. I have lost my identity too,” he said.


While a Pakistani Christian news agency urges all to pray for Younis Masih ‘s wellbeing and his safe moving, saying: We appeal to pray for all who are suffering in different Pakistani jails under allegation of blasphemy laws. Pray for their counsels that they will honestly represent these accused without taking wrong directions from the persons who have their own vested interests. Pray God will give them wisdom and courage to plead and present arguments in courts.

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