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LIBYA: 13 Egyptian Christians Freed After Being Kidnapped By An Islamist Group


13 Coptic Christians freed in Libya after being abducted by Ansar al-Sharia militia the coastal Libyan city of Sirte.

Libya-Coptic Christians freed after abduction
Libya-Coptic Christians freed after abduction

According to details, thirteen Coptic Christian workers from Egypt have been released after being seized in Libya. An eye witness accounts saying that on Saturday, gunmen took the Christian men in the middle of the night from a residential compound.

The incident was the most recent in a wave of recent attacks on Egyptian Christians working in Libya. According to the narratives of the local residents said unknown masked gunmen had separated the Christians from the Muslims before handcuffing them and taking them away in cars. News of their kidnapping surfaced when a source close to the government laid blame on Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia of being involved in the kidnapping of the 13 Christians. The incident occurred just a few days after seven other Coptic Christians from Egypt were reportedly kidnapped at a fake checkpoint in Sirte as they were trying to leave the city.

Head of the council of elders in the coastal city of Sirte, Muftah Marzuq, said the men were released after negotiations between the gunmen and local officials.