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LIBYA: ISIS Claims Kidnapping 21 Egyptian Christians


Terror group ISIS claims abduction of 21 Christians in Libya.

ISIS kidnaps 21 Christians in Libya
ISIS kidnaps 21 Christians in Libya

According to media reports, the statement released by ISIS does not specify nationalities; nevertheless Egypt says 20 of its citizens have been abducted in two separate incidents in Libya. On the other hand, Islamic State’s branch in Libya has been claiming the abduction of 21 Christians.

“Urgent. Soldiers of the Islamic State captured 21 Christian crusaders,” the jihadists said in a statement.

Along with the hasty statement issued by ISIS, three pictures showing several men were published. Moreover, the statement did not reveal when these Christian men were abducted and their nationality. The ISIS statement does not list any demands for the release of the abducted 21 Christian men but said they had been taken “in various areas of Tripoli province.”

However, a spokesman for the Egyptian foreign ministry said 20 Egyptians had been abducted in two separate incidents in the neighbouring Libya. He did not say when they were kidnapped or mention their religious affiliation.