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Libya: ISIS partisans take Christian migrants captive, force them into “sex slavery”


In a dismal report by Amnesty International, an international human rights advocacy group migrants in Libya were abducted by the ISIS militants, subjected to inhumane torture including sexual abuse. The report was published on Friday, 1 July 2016. The report which is titled “Libya is full of cruelty” contains horrifying accounts by migrants who had spent time in ISIS’ captivity. The advocacy group collected about 90 testimonies; the victims included about 15 women who were subjected to coarse sexual abuse.

ISIS abducts migrants in Libya

According to Amnesty International the sexual violence is extensively widespread that women who dare to come to Libya as migrants use contraceptives before crossing the sea and entering Libyan territory. crossing. The victims were interviewed by the group at the reception centers in Italy and Sicily after they managed to break away the captivity and escape from Libya in recent months.

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“From being abducted, incarcerated underground for months and sexually abused by members of armed groups, to being beaten, exploited or shot at by people smugglers, traffickers or criminal gangs – refugees and migrants have described in harrowing detail the horrors they were forced to endure in Libya,” said Magdelena Mughrabi from the advocacy group.

UNHCR said, Libya has welcomed some 250,000 refugees and migrants, off late. Since April 19, 2015 till now about 4,937 people have perished in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Europe. There is an inevitable need to curb the follow of migrants, which cause a humanitarian crisis.

Apart from mayhem, human trafficking has become a money-spinning business which involves the coast guards and others who exhort money from the migrants. The ones who fail to pay the extortion money face foulest treatment.

The migrants told the advocacy group that people have died from thirst or starvation, or gunned down by smugglers. Smugglers dumped a disabled migrant in desert, and in some cases migrants were gunned down or even electrocuted by the smugglers, the group quoted the migrants.

Amnesty group further stated that women are at a great risk of sexual mistreatment. “Their experiences paint a terrifying picture of the conditions many of those who come to Europe are so desperate to escape,” said Mughrabi. A 22-year-old woman who had survived the ISIS’ captivity said that she was sexually assaulted more than once while she was detained in a distant area near the town of Ajdabiya. “When you have a gun pointed at your head, you don’t really have a choice,” she said.