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“Life is unbearable as an asylum seeker in Thailand”: Pakistani Christian asylum seeker entreats all to pray for her


A 20-years-old, Pakistani Christian is entreating all to pray for her and all other asylum seekers marooned in Thailand. She is among one of the thousands of Pakistani Christians who had fled violence and religion-based persecution and discrimination in their own homeland. She expressed deep apprehension over the recent spate of suppression from the Thai authorities.

Pakistani Christians persecuted

Kathriya Louis, withers away in fear of being detained by the Thai authorities. She fears life in pathetic and inhumane condition in the detention centers. While talking with an international media house, she said: “I am really worried. We are all scared that the soldiers and police will come in larger numbers to take us all away. We all know how badly detainees are treated in the immigration detention center, and none of us want to go there.”

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She said that she is fortunate for the time being, that she is not being hooked by the Thai police while saying: “My family and I are planning what to do in an emergency, we are also thinking of spending time outdoors in tourist areas to prevent being caught at home again.”

Kathriya beseeches all saying: “Please ask people to pray for us.”

Kathriya recalls the ordeal she and her family had to undergo in her own homeland she said: “Our Muslim neighbors did not like us because they knew we were Christians. Whenever we prayed or played Christian music they would come to our house and shout at us. My brothers were always caught up in arguments and fights and were harassed and bullied daily.”

“My family is still deeply traumatized by the attack,” she disclosed while adding, “I cry when I remember the day of the attack; none of us will ever forget it.” “We felt in fear of our lives and needed to flee quickly,” she revealed the consequences surrounding the family’s escape from Pakistan.

“We came to Thailand because it is easy to get here, visa is cheap and easy to get while flights are inexpensive. Also, most other countries do not accept Pakistanis. And my pastor told us to go to Thailand because others had escaped there. We were told that the UN would help us.”