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Light at the end of the tunnel: Blasphemy accused Christian father and son get legal aid


Pakistani christians accused of blasphemy

Defence case for blasphemy accused Christian father and son being prepared.

According to details, Organization for Legal Aid (OLA) is endeavouring to defend Ranjha Masih and his son Jalal Masih; who have been falsely accused of committing blasphemy.

In line with details, Ranjha Masih and Jalal Masih were accused of defiling verses of the Quran and disturbing Muslims’ graves. It was in 2011, when a Muslim aristocrat Muhammad Taj, plotted against the Christian father and son in order to settle a personal dispute with them.

Purportedly, Muhammad Taj conspired with other local Muslims and accused Ranjha and Jalal of digging up Muslim graves and trampling on the Quranic verses written on the burial shrouds.

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Consequently, Ranjha Masih and Jalal Masih were arrested and the prosecution charged them under section 295-B of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), which accredits life imprisonment for wilfully defiling the Quran. Moreover, they were also charged under section 297, which punishes defiling burial places with one year in prison.

Previously, Ranjha and Jalal engaged a local Muslim lawyer to represent them in court. However, their defence lawyer tentatively remained absent from the court hearings and so he did not cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses.

Nonetheless, the attorneys of OLA have won the court’s permission to summon the prosecution witnesses again so that the defence may cross-examine them. With this permission, hope has been on the higher side that both the Christians will be acquitted since the prosecution’s entire case depends on the evidence of a private investigator.

This is noteworthy that evidences provided by private investigators, are not acceptable in courts. Based on this fact, the OLD defence team will challenge the prosecution’s witnesses and furthermore seek for dismissal of blasphemy charges.