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Limbo Iranian Christians Could Be Deported To Iran


Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom said that the admin must stop this farce action quickly. She told that the U.S regime could hand over denial notices of entering in U.S to the Iranian refugees.

Limbo Iranian Christians Could Be Deported To Iran

These refugees are going to be deported to Iran in the dire situation of ‘human crackdown’. These expats could get penalty of death sentence there. Some activists say that the Iranian refugees’ action of deporting after exile could be life threatening for them because recent U.S annual watch list included Iran in violating religious freedom.

A year ago these refugees from Iran escaped to Vienna due to cold war when the Congress passed a law to help Jews who are saved from sufferings in the Soviet Union. Since inaction by Obama and Trump government these refugees including Armenians and Assyrians were in great distress.

Anna Buwalda, executive director of the Jubilee Campaign told that U.S remained unsuccessful in fulfilling its promise made to Iranian religious minorities. The Iranian refugees moved to Vienna in order to meet their families in America on invitation. They kept waiting there for more than a year consuming their saved income since they had not any source of income.

She said that U.S government needs to resolve the present scenario as soon as possible.

One third refugees were sent to California to their relatives for resettling with them. Their relatives were also settled in California earlier, said activists.

Human rights groups want the U.S administration to take quick action in order to stop deportation of the Iranian refugees.