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watch-jctv-liveJCTV Pakistan is run under the patronage of Pastor Javed Rauf­ the Managing Director of the Pakistani evangelical tv channel. JCTV is Lahore based channel which aims to proclaim the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ and the belief of Christian faith through the use of electronic media.

JCTV’s sole purpose is to equip believers through Christian television broadcast in Pakistan, and wherever Urdu recognising individuals dwell.

President of JCTV says, ”It seams very difficult and sometime impossible to preach in the place where there is no supporting environment for Christianity .No westerner willing to go there to preach the gospel. I experienced that it is the most daring decision to preach in the place like Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I am born in Lahore and living there with the mission to preach the good news among my people. What would be the best time, place, and techniques to preach in that place? Jesus Said: “And behold, I send the promise of my father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until ye be endued with the power from high” Luke24: 49 KJV Christians in Pakistan, as the largest online Christian platform has deemed it necessary to publicize this Pakistani Christian Evangelical channel through every possible means. We as the largest online Christian platform representing the Christians in Pakistan wish to air the good work that Pakistani Evangelical are doing despite great hardships in the country.

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