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LIVE: Nouman Masih’s First interview became his life’s Last interview


Nouman Masih's First interview became his life's Last interview Listen to what he said in his own words.

Interviewer: Gulnar Gull (GG) Advocate High Court
Interviewee: Nouman Masih
Location: Mayo Hospital Lahore

GG: Nouman can you tell me exactly what happened to you?
Nouman: I was going to get some clother over-locked as I am learning tailoring. I was walking alone and as I reached the shop I realized that there is no electricity. So I left the clothes at the shop for over-lock. There were two boys.

GG: Do you know those boys?
Nouman: No, I don’t know them. One was on a Honda 70 bike and one on Pak hero bike.

GG: Were they on two separate bikes?
Nouman: Yes, they asked me, “what is you religion?” I said I am a Christian. After hearing this they started hurling abuses at me and started quarrelling.

GG: What did they say?
Nouman: They asked me who am I and I said I am a Christian. He started abusing me. I also abused them and wasked them why are you abusing me? Then he came forward and threw kerosene oil on me. I kept going ahead. One had thrown oil on me and one lit the matchstick.

GG: Was there no one else around you at that time?
Nouman: No, as you know it was time for Friday Prayer and there is no one around in the streets at that time.

GG: Then what happened? Who brought you to the hospital? How did you save your life?
Nouman: I quickly ran and there was heap of sand nearby. I rolled myself in the sand and the fire was extinguished. The fire died because of the sand. Later boys started throwing sand on me to put off the fire. Then the person from the over-lock shop brought me to Mayo Hospital. My own master Munir brought my father to the hospital. Then I was operated on and my wounds were cleaned and I was able to breathe properly.