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Looming Horrors: A Woman Gang-Raped, Torn To Pieces Eventually Burnt In Agra


woman raped, murdered and burnt in India

AGRA: A woman gang raped, torn to pieces afterwards burnt.

This was one of the most heinous cases of sexual-assault in India, when a Dalit woman was gang-raped and murdered by local gangsters. An investigative team has been set up by DIG to probe the matter.

The incident occurred in occurred in Kakua village on the Gwalior Highway, the crime site is just 200 metres from a police post. According to the locals, when the police arrived they found partially burnt body parts of the victimised woman identified as Hema. Eye-witnesses reveal the body was burnt together with strips of leather while kerosene oil was poured on the body.

The victim was residing in the village with her husband Hemraj and a 12-year-old daughter. The family was engaged as guards in the same colony they resided. The locals recount that the family had gone to Jhansi, the woman returned alone some days ago but her husband and daughter stayed in Jhansi.

When Hemraj returned, he found the door of his house locked from outside. He climbed the roof and discovered his wife’s mutilated dead body on the cot there. The dead body was marred by rain.

Hemraj was deeply shocked at the sight and scampered to inform others about the heart-wrenching discovery. Later on, the news of this incident spread, a local headman tried to prevent Hemraj to inform the police about the incident. As suspected the culprits are associated to the same headman.

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When the headman continued pressurising Hemraj not to approach the police, his men gathered the parts of the mutilated dead body and set them on fire in order to eradicate all possible evidence. The headman and his men later forced Hemraj and his daughter to leave the village.

In this regard, Lakshmi Singh DIG Agra told Times of India she had visited the site of the crime in person and signs of the brutality were evident. DIG stated: “Blood stains were seen far from spot of the crime, indicating that the woman had struggled. Condoms were recovered, so there is reason to suspect she was raped before being killed. Villagers told us the woman was a Dalit. Forensic reports and post-mortem examinations will throw light on how long ago the murder occurred.”

The police have filed an FIR in the absence of a complainant Hemraj. The police named ten people in the FIR. The ten named in the FIR include the owners of the colony in which the victimised family lived.