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Love of Jesus Keeps Them Going – Iraqi Christians Persecuted By ISIS


“It is happening now in our midst and the persecution of Christians is like we’d never expect would happen,” White told the audience at the Episcopal Cathedral Church of St. Mark in Salt Lake City, according to Deseret News. “All I know is we are not (ceasing) to love Jesus. We are still serving him.”

These are the words of Rev. Canon Andrew who is the Vicar of Baghdad. He said that persecution of Christians at the hands of ISIS has passed all heights but it is their faith in Jesus that keeps them going.

Christians living in areas under the control of ISIS are desperate and petrified. Hopes of a good future are next to zero, but life goes on. Not only Christians, ISIS persecutes Yazidis, Shiites and other minorities in the region.

After the first steps towards recovery were being taken after US led invasion, Iraq was taken over by ISIS. Since then the country has been torn in civil war and all sorts of problems and persecution.

Anybody who is not a Muslim can not even walk down the street.