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“Maalik” the cause célèbre: Ban is unlawful says Asher Azeem


Asher Azeem, while filing a petition against the ban on his movie Maalik, stated that the ban is not in accordance with the law. He challenged the nationwide ban on Maalik which is his first directoral debut film. “The ban is illegal and it is our right to challenge it in the SHC,” Azeem asserted while speaking to the media.

Asher Azeem

He maintained that the ban is groundless, inasmuch as there is no fathomable reason for the movie being banned across the country. “The ban is illegal and unjustified,” he said, at the same time added that the film was initially cleared from the censor board, which proves that the movie has no such content to be banned for.

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The director pleaded the court to suspend the ban on the screening of the movie. He went on to explain that he had written the film’s script 12 years ago however, stared working on its production two years back. The movie after three weeks of its release, saw the government slap a ban to it; for allegedly portraying a nefarious image of the politicians.

On the other hand, the ban has sparked widespread discussion about the censorship issues in the country. In this regard, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chairman Imran Khan stated, “Banning Maalik the movie will not blind people to the pervasive corruption in the ruling elite.”

Nonetheless, Maalik the movie has become a hot topic in Pakistan these days. In the past, the movies have been banned by the provincial censorship boards, while on this occasion; the movie was banned directly by the Federal Government. The filmmakers express uncertainty; why the government had to intervene itself. In an effort to justify the act, it was stated by the authorities that the movie has been banned owing to threats of burning down the cinemas.