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Mafia will not be allowed to construct mosque on YMCA ground, Sindh Assembly told


The issue of looming encroachment on YMCA ground brought under discussion during Sindh Assembly Session. During the session, the Assembly was told that that no encroachment will be allowed on Christians’ property. A detailed report on this issue is expected to be presented during the next session of the Sindh Assembly.

YMCA ground encroachment in Karachi

During the session, Saleem Khurshid Khokhar Treasury member reiterated that no “encroachment” would be allowed on the YMCA ground. On a point of order, he said that YMCA was property of Christians; yet a “Mafia” are malevolently trying to construct a “mosque” over YMCA’s ground.

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He said that encroachment would result in unrest and spark riots – it would bring a bad name to the elected government. He asserted that the only ground belonging to Christians must be safeguarded and remain in Christians’ custody. He urged that the said land must be saved from the alleged builder Mafia.

Additionally, Ayaz Soomro Law Minister of Sindh said that he will present a detailed report on this issue in the next session of the House. MQM’s Syed Sardar Ahmad said that no mafia is trying to construct mosque on YMCA’s ground. He said this land was granted to Christians before the partition.

Sindh Minister for Industries Rauf Siddiqui said that the matter had been causing turmoil since last two and a half months. A special committee had been set up in this regard, in order to deal with the issue. In this respect, Sindh High Court had already passed a ruling that no encroachment will be allowed at the YMCA ground.