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Mahane Yehuda – Where Prophecies are Fulfilled


jerusalem market
Jerusalem’s open-air market is one of the most colorful and popular spots in the city and a place where you can see prophecy fulfilled.

Mahane Yehuda – the camp of Judah known as the “shuk” in Hebrew, is Jerusalem’s most famous market, and like so many other places in the city, there’s nothing ordinary about it.

The market begins along the historical Jaffa Road. About a mile and half down the road is the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City. Many things in the shuk have a deeper symbolism for Israelis and Bible believers, like olives and olive oil.

Dozens of countries and cultures are represented in the shuk, brought here by Jews returning to the land from more than 100 countries. More than 250 vendors sell everything from fruits and vegetables to gourmet cheeses, nuts, and special boutique items like flavored tahini and halva.

It’s so amazing the abundance of food that’s here. I mean the tomatoes are [giant] like that and the variety of food piled up,” Rossa visitor to the market said.

“You know this was prophesied. Ezekiel prophesied, ‘I’m going to give them such abundance.’ Why is He giving us such abundance? So the nations will know what I’m [God is] doing. And here we are living and enjoying it today,”
One religious Jew summed up the shuk this way: He said if you want to talk to God, go to the Western Wall; but if you want to see God at work go to the shuk.