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Malaysian Church Removes Cross After Protest from Local Muslims



A group of approximately 50 people gathered outside a church in Malaysia and demanded the removal of the cross on the church as it was “challenging Islam”, reported The Star Online.

The protestors said the presence of a cross on the house of worship in a Muslim majority area challenges the religion and could sway the youth from their faith.

Locals protested peacefully outside the church while Sunday service was under way inside.
Later a village leader from the group spoke to the priest of the church. The church agreed to the cross being taken down by next Sunday. If they have the authority to run, we cannot stop it. But we ask out of concern, being a Malay area, that they take down the cross.” the group’s leader, Abdullah Abu Bakar, was quoted as saying.
Police reportedly arrived at the scene just as Sunday service was ending and the cross was removed hours after the protest.

This is not the first time that protests have been held against churches in Malaysia. In November 2014, a Muslim NGO protested against the building of a new church and said, “Building a four-storey church in the area would be an insult to the Muslims living there.