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Mandi Bahauddin feud: A local Union Council member steps forward helping the high and dry Christians


Followed by loud outcries over the turmoil in Chak 44, in Mandi Bahauddin district many have stepped forward in order to highlight the plight of the tattered Christian villagers. The situation worsened for the Christians, after a socio-economic boycott was imposed on them by the Muslim villagers. In the wake of this, a local leader has taken up the task to lend a helping hand to the Christians.

Christians threatened in Chak 44, Mandi Bahauddin

Naseer Ahmed Saleem, Vice Chairman of Union Council of Chak 44, has urged all the landlords of the village to let the Christians resume work in their fields. What is more, while initiating from his own fields he has invited the Christians to till his land and work on wages for him.

Followed by the blasphemy row, the locals had announced a socio-economic boycott of the Christians not allowing them to buy anything from the shops not even letting them work in their fields. Majority of the Christians in Chak 44 make both ends meet by working in the fields of the Muslim landlords. This boycott knocked the Christians in a tight spot.

The Christians landed into trouble when one of the local Christian Imran Masih was accused of watching anti-Islamic sermon on his mobile phone. Soon after the accusation were heaped on him, Imran fled from the village. The local Christians when approached the Muslims for an apology they were asked to choose from the three option i.e. convert to Islam, leave the village or hand Imran Masih over to the Muslims so he could be burnt alive for committing blasphemy.