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Mandi Bahauddin: Heavy contingent of police deployed after fanatics threatened to torch Christians’ houses


In keeping with details, the Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Senator Kamran Michael took notice of the news of the threats to the Christians of Chak 44 of Bosan in Mandi Bahauddin District of Punjab. PML-N leader Senator Kamran Michael while taking string action in order to prevent havoc of any kind directed the local authorities to deploy police contingent at Chak 44.

Blasphemy cases against Pakistani Christians

Soon after the news was aired Kamran Michael directed the local DPO and RPO to take instant action in order to ward off clashes between the local Christians and Muslims. The DPO and RPO consecutively, directed deployment of police contingent which was assigned the task to ensure the safety of Christians of Chak 44. After the deployment of police personnel the area’s Christians remained safe.

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The incident took place in Chak 44; a nearby village of Bosaan area in Gojra Police Station locality in District Mandi Bahuddin, Punjab. The extremists had threatened to burn houses of all the Christians in the village as an act of vengeance because a local Christians resident namely Imran Masih- was accused of committing blasphemy. They issued fatwa (religious decree) that the Christian lad should be punished fittingly i.e. death punishment.

The extremists had threatened to torch houses of all the Christians of Chak 44- after the Friday prayer (Jumma) May 7, Friday. These threats stimulated pervasive fear among the locality’ Christians. They urged the authorities and leaders of the country to take action straightaway in order to protect them against violence or reprisal from the agitated mobs.