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Many Wounded In The Peshawar Church Blasts Still In Need Of Funds


PESHAWAR: Several injured in the Peshawar Church bombings still finding it hard to cope with mental and physical sufferings.


Peshawar Church blasts victims in need of funds
Peshawar Church blasts victims in need of funds

Their lives changed into depressing nightmare in an instance when two suicide bombers blew themselves up just when the Sunday service had ended. In this complex situation, various national and international NGOs, local Christian community and civil society organizations are working for the recovery of the wounded, giving assistance to widows and orphans reports an international news agency FIDES.


Local activists while updating about the relief process of the church blasts victims say: Currently, the government support is limited and there is a desperate need for medical care, rehabilitation for the injured and necessity to ensure education to orphaned children. Out of many such organizations one such local NGO namely the Cecil & Irish Chaudhry Foundation is striving for the victims of the church bombings. The foundation has launched an all out project for rehabilitation of the children who were affected by the attack. By organizing various fundraising events the foundation generates fund to support its project.


Michelle Chaudhry – President of the Cecil & Irish Chaudhry in her statement told Fides: The attacks carried out against the Christian community in Peshawar have left signs; the local people are very angry and distraught. It was the worst attack ever experienced in the history of Pakistan against the Christian community. It is urgent to relieve the pain. We can help rebuild trust and hope. Although it is a long process, we must continue to support those affected.


In September 2013, two deadly blasts shook the All Saints Church in Peshawar claiming more than 100 lives while hundreds were wounded some suffering paralysis as result. Despite immediate aid promises from the executives the victims in reality have been now left to their own, as very little is now being done for their rehabilitation and treatment. Although many Pakistani and international NGOs initiated fund raising to bare expenses of treatment of these sufferers. However, medical treatment being expensive remains out of reach of many of them, rendering them helpless and totally dependant on aid from NGOs and government. Nonetheless, there is an urgent need for funds as many of them are still waiting for medical attention.