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Marriamabad: Police goes on the attack against Christians on the pretext of security provisions


Several Christians have been detained by the police on the pretext of security provisions during the Marriamabad festival. A heavy contingent of police was deployed at the Marriamabad, in District Sheikhupura ahead of the catholic festival. Police has sealed all the ways in and out of the village, which hosts a Christian festival annually.

Catholic festival in Marriamabad, Pakistan

A heavy police contingent under the supervision of D.S.P. Ghulam Murtaza from Safdarabad swept through the village. Police personnel from three police stations including Khanqah tograh police station, Safdarabad police station and Manwala police station. A search operation was carried out in the village while police personnel were deployed at all routes leading to the village.

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During the search operation, police hooked Kailash Masih, Touseef Masih, Kashsash Masih, Irfan Masih, Nabeel Masih, Babar Masih, Nasir Masih, Nadeem Masih, Inderyas Masih, Jan Masih, Janbaz Masih and another known as Tooti.

Local Christians stated that the police had breached the sanctity of their houses and disrespected their women. They said that during the operation, police had humiliated their elderly, women and children. They claimed that police used abusive language towards them. Christians who had been arrested, had been tortured during police custody.

D.S.P. Ghulam Murtaza has declined the charges of anti-Christians charge of police saying this operation was carries out after a tip off. Ahead of annual Catholic festival in Marriamabad, which is due to be held in September this year Government of Punjab has directed for beefed up security during the festival. D.S.P. Ghulam said that investigations will be carried out, if found guiltless these Christians will be set free.

“We have carried out an extensive search operation in the entire area and the nearby villages. This operation was intended to ensure fail safe security provision in Marraimabad, during the festival,’ he said.