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MASS- A Christian Organization Appeals For Donations


KARACHI: A Christian organization appeals for donations in order to keep serving Christians in Pakistan.


Christian organization appeals for donations

Liaqat Munawar Masih- President of MASS requested Christian community around the globe, for donations to the organization while look forward to the Christian Community to think about his appeal and help the persecuted Christian families and needy Christians in Pakistan.




Liaquat Munawar Masih, President of MASS writes:





I would like to take this opportunity and provide a brief introduction to your regarding our not for organization i.e. “Mission and Action for Social Services”.


(MASS).keeping in view the prevalent deplorable health and social status of our underprivileged and deprived individuals MASS was established on 1st July 1995, with the purpose of working for their health and social uplift.


As a non-profit organization, MASS solely operates on donations provided to it by its members in Pakistan. However the donations MASS receive from its members do not amount to a great deal .Infect, the finance donate presently, is used in our social and cultural program and does not leave any money for other programs or to meet any new or emergency needs of the people we serve.


One of the primary objects of MASS has been to draw attention of general public towards issues pertaining to injustices inflicted on the less fortune by successive government and powerful individuals who are seldom made accountable for their action. Furthermore, the population is deprived of their basic human rights such as education, health and job opportunities.



1 – Make health care accessible and affordable to peoples

2 – Make general public aware of their rights as a human beings.

3 – Disseminate information regarding drug addiction and assist in developing positive alternative coping methods.

Plans of Action:
1. MASS strives to create social and cultural awareness among young peoples through education about human rights. We have sponsored numerous articles and press released through in local newspapers regarding human rights deprivation, which has helped, in creating public awareness related to social and health issues. MASS has held several competitions, cultural programs and assisted in setting up libraries irrespective of race, colour and religion.
2.MASS has established first aid and primary Health care centres in Ayub Goth and Essa Nagr areas. Furthermore, MASS also aims to increase its services for health awareness facilities and other services. 3. MASS provides opportunity for victims of drug addiction to fight against this evil and to focus on positive activities such as vocational training and sports and other constructive leisure activities.

We at MASS would like to encourage and request you to become a part with us in attending objectives for poor deprived peoples by donating financially or materially.
Let us join hands together to fight against social evils for our society.
May God Bless You and your families
Best Regards,
President MASS
(Liaquat Munawar Masih)