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Massive earthquake of magnitude 7.4 jolts Mexico


A massive earthquake has hit southern parts of Mexico. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.4 as the US Geological Survey has completed. The buildings were jolted and it is believed that buildings in the capital have been severely damaged.

Mexico earthquake

The US Geological Survey confirmed that an earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit southern Mexico on Tuesday, September 19. The earthquake hit 8 kilometers southeast of Atencingo in the state of Puebla at a depth of 51 kilometers.

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Reports have that at least one building collapsed partially and several buildings were severely damaged. The jolts also caused major breakdown in electricity supply as large part of the capital were left without electricity.
The jolts were extremely intense that left thousands of people in a state of panic as they rushed out of buildings, roads were blocked as traffic came to a standstill. The quake has hit on the anniversary of the devastating 1985 deadly earthquake which resulted in loss of thousands of lives while many buildings were destroyed.

Earlier this month, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 8.2 killed at least 98 people. In line with an estimate about 2.5 million people were affected by this quake. Earlier in the day workplaces across the city held evacuation drills on the anniversary of the 1985 quake. In this regard, Luis Felipe Puente, Head of Mexico’s civil protection agency, stated on Twitter that initially there were no immediate reports of loss of lives or other damages.