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Mexico earthquakes upshot: Rescue operations in their final phase


Following three powerful earthquakes, the rescue operations are in final phase. It is speculated that it is unlikely that the rescue workers will likely find survivors under the rubble. The rescue operation will cease at the end of Thursday, September 28.

Mexico rescue operation

The emergency services chief confirmed that the rescue operation will cease on Thursday. Mexico is reeling after three powerful quakes shook the city and reduced building in rubble. Death toll from massive earthquake which jolted Mexico on Tuesday, September 19 has surpassed 300.

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In a bid to wind up rescue operation Luis Felipe Puente, coordinator of Mexico’s Civil Protection agency, told media that would continue hand-picking through the rubbles until Thursday. “I can say that at this time it would be unlikely to find someone alive.” He said that thus far, the specially trained dogs have not picked scent of survivors.

Rescue workers, volunteers and soldiers continued frantic search for survivors buried under the wreckage and debris. A massive earthquake of magnitude 7.1 whipped dozens of buildings in central Mexico.

Shortly after the earthquake which was second in a string of three quakes, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said: “The priority now is to continue rescuing those who are still trapped and provide medical attention to the injured.”

While earlier this month, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 8.2 killed at least 98 people. In line with an estimate about 2.5 million people were affected by this quake. Third and last of the series of quakes, occurred on September 23, Saturday when a powerful jolt of magnitude 6.1 struck southern Mexico.