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Mian Channu: Influential men usurp Christians’ graveyard, Christians agitated as dead body not allowed burial place


Burial of a Christian woman Sardaran Bibi, barred in a Christians’ graveyard by the influential men. The graveyard which actually belongs to Christians is expropriated by local Muslims. As a result, the local Christians became agitated and staged a protest against the confiscation of the Christians’ graveyard. Christians complained that they are not allowed to bury dead bodies in this graveyard.

Poor Christians in Punjab

The incident took place in Chak 1; a nearby village of Mian Channu District of Punjab province. The agitated Christians staged a protest on the G.T. Road after burial of a Christian woman Sardaran Bibi’ dead body was interrupted by local Muslim men who had expropriated the graveyard’ land which is actually the property of Christians. The authorities had watched the entire episode as bystanders and took no action against the perpetrators who had halted the burial of the Christian woman.

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After the burial was interfered, the local Christians approached the local authorities to inform about the vicious act of the local influential men. However, the authorities showed reluctance to take action against the influential perpetrators. In consequent to averseness showed by the authorities, the Christians staged a protest on the G.T. Road and kept the dead body on the road blocking the traffic.

A local Christian Chaudhary Samson said that the protest will be continued until the authorities deliver the Christians’ graveyard from the clutches of the influential men. He said that to this point, none of the officials had tried to contact the local Christians in order to solve their problems.