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Mian Channu: Primordial graveyard of Christians rendered squalid by dint of government’s neglect


Historic graveyard of Christians in Mian Channu, neglected by the authorities. The graveyard which is facing deterioration with the passage of time is imperiled because of the lack of renovation and care from the local authorities. What is more, wear and tear is now causing desecration of graves of Christians.

Christians in Mian Channu

Local Christians claim the graveyard is undergoing wear while the local authorities are overlooking the situation. They expressed serious concerns over the desecration of graves of their loved ones. They said that the Christian population had been residing in the area, even before the creation of Pakistan.

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This 96-year-old, graveyard serves the Christian community of 134/16 L in District Mian Channu. Christian whined over the fact that despite that fact that almost 100 years are past, yet the graveyard still lacks a boundary wall. They said that this is the sole graveyard for Christians, and the Christians from the neighboring village 11/16 L, 15/11 L, Kot Sujhan Singh, Chak 34 Malak Wala, Daba Colony also bury their dead here.

According to local Christians this graveyard is spread over an area of two and a half acres. This land was allocated to Christians in 1920, for the purpose of serving as a graveyard. One of the local Christians said that in the monsoon, rain water inundates the graveyard which is another major cause of desecration of the graves.

According to a local Chaudhary Payara, the authorities have been invoked several times, yet no action has been taken in this regard. As the wear and tear continues to deteriorate the graveyard’s condition local Christians including Shehzad Francis, Siyal Paul, Khalid Patras, Javaid Qaisar and others have implored the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to take note of the situation and take efficacious action for restoration of the graveyard.