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Middle Eastern Christians Demand Place Of Protection


Middle Eastern Christians in Australia are calling for immediate international action to prevent mass genocide of Christians at the hands of Islamic State militants in Syria and northern Iraq.

Middle Eastern Christians  demand safe haven for Christians
Middle Eastern Christians demand safe haven for Christians

Syrian Orthodox Church Melbourne Archdeacon -Said Touma, and Joseph Haweil, from the Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation, say merely providing aid was not enough.

Joseph Haweil said, “Many organisations are in contact with the Australian government, who are apparently assessing the situation. They have already acted in terms of humanitarian aid, but they remain silent on the long- term solution, and practically we want the Australian government to use its power and influence to push for a safe haven.

“I can’t think of another solution. In the long term you can’t try and transport hundreds of thousands people to Australia. People have a right to live in dignity in their towns and villages and they want to be repatriated to those places.They can only do that if they’re safe and protected.”