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“Migrants are not criminals” Pope Francis reprimands Europe over its weariness


Pope Francis has reprimanded European countries as they seem to be “weary” and “entrenched”, of treating the migrants. He urged Europe not to see migrants as criminals. On May 6, the Pontiff urged the continent not to show weariness regarding the migrants.

Migrants crisis in Europe

“What has happened to you, the Europe of humanism, the champion of human rights, democracy and freedom? What has happened to you, Europe, the home of poets, philosophers, artists, musicians, and men and women of letters?” he told an audience which included various EU leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi and the presidents of the European Parliament, Commission and Council.

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“What has happened to you, Europe, the mother of peoples and nations, the mother of great men and women who upheld, and even sacrificed their lives for, the dignity of their brothers and sisters?” He said at the ceremony in the Vatican’s frescoed Sala Regia where he was awarded the Charlemagne Prize.

He said that Europe has struggled to soak in a massive influx of migrants and refugees, who are fleeing conflicts. He called Europe “weary, yet still rich in energies and possibilities” and said it was “increasingly entrenched, rather than open to initiating new social processes capable of engaging all individuals and groups in the search for new and productive solutions to current problems.”

The Pontiff further said, desire for European unity “seems to be fading” and that “those who consider putting up fences” were betraying the dream of the founders of a modern Europe. “I dream of a Europe that cares for children, that offers fraternal help to the poor and those newcomers seeking acceptance because they have lost everything and need shelter … I dream of a Europe where being a migrant is not a crime.”