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Militant gay rights groups targeting Christians who oppose homosexuality in the UK


gays target Christians in UK

Christians who oppose gay marriages are facing prosecution for ‘hate crime’ under new anti-terrorism laws in England.

According to reports, Christians who are opposing gay marriages are being increasingly put on trials in courts simply because they believe marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Spencer, Conservative MP for Sherwood, Nottinghamshire in a letter to one of his constituents wrote: “I believe that everybody in society has a right to express their views without fear of persecution. But he added that Extremism Orders would apply to any teacher who told pupils that same-sex marriage was ‘wrong’. In that case they would be guilty of ‘hate speech’.”

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In recent times, criticism, related to same-sex marriages is being seen as a ‘hate crime’ in the UK. More than ever, Christians are being prosecuted for saying they think same-sex weddings are ‘wrong.’ However, groups are raising voices saying people shouldn’t be criminalised for their sincerely held Christian beliefs.

Gays who feel offended by opposition from Christians are regularly misusing the So-called ‘hate crime’ laws. These gays while considering themselves self-righteous, deliberately persecute those who have the courage to hold a different point of view.

As a matter of fact, militant gay rights groups are now pursuing Christians who offend them and accuse them of hate crime. Christian bakers and B&B owners have been singled out by gays in similar way.

In actual fact, all main religions strongly oppose gay marriage; however, it’s only the Christians who are ever dragged before the courts for ‘hate crime’. While on the other hand, Muslim clerics are free to utter bitter denunciation against homosexuality and still not brought to courts under hate crime.