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Militants Target A Pentecostal Church In Peshawar


PESHAWAR:  Militants attack a Pentecostal Church in Provincial Capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa- KPK.


Assembly of God Church attacked by militants in Peshawar
Assembly of God Church attacked by militants – Peshawar


Allegedly, militants attacked a PentecostalChurch in north – western Pakistan killing a security guard and shooting at the building before leaving the scene, local police officials and Christians say.

The Assembly of God Church in the Swati Gate (known as Swati Phatak ) area of Peshawar was reportedly hit by militants in the early hours on Friday, 5th of July 2013, amid grave apprehension over minorities in the province subsequent to the controversial statement of Chief Minister of the Province.

The witnesses say that,” the two attackers tried to enter the building where pastors gathered for a refresher training course, but were stopped by the guard, a policeman, whose name was not revealed.”

The policeman deputed for the security of the Church, died on the scene after the militants armed with heavy ammunition shot him three times in the neck, chest and near the heart. They also took his gun, fired at the Church building and took flight from the scene, according to police investigators.

The local Christians say that this attack was followed by threats against the Assembly of God Church; inciting local security authorities to firstly deploy, two police officers at the targeted Church for security.

Nonetheless, there was merely one policeman deployed at the Church during Friday’s attack who “gave up his life in the line of duty,” police said, further explaining that they are scrutinizing the incident. Tightening the security at other Churches in the city, in consequence to this recent attack.


“We condemn the attack on the Assembly of God Church,” said Christian human rights group – Life for All Pakistan. “We praise the guard who intercepted the attackers and saved other lives sacrificing his own,” the group said in acknowledgement of the policeman’s service.