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Mina stampede: Death toll of Pakistani pilgrims rises to 97


Hajj Stampede

Death toll of Pakistani Hajj pilgrims killed during the stampede in Mina reaches 97.

According to details, the death toll of Pakistani pilgrims who were killed in Mina stampede has reached to 97 when two more Pakistanis were confirmed dead today Monday, October 12. However, still about 20 Pakistani hajj pilgrims are missing after the stampede incident. It has been reported that two Pakistanis are under treatment in a Saudi hospital.

In this regard, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has issued an official update regarding the stampede incident at Mina during Hajj. According to this update, about 97 Pakistan nationals have died. Moreover, about 56 out of 97 deceased Pakistani pilgrims had been already laid to rest by the Saudi officials in Saudi Arabia.

However, shortly after the incident, a British newspaper – The Guardian had reported that as a minimum 236 Pakistanis had died on the other hand, the Foreign Office (FO) has rejected this claim.

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Nonetheless, according to the soaring death toll the Mina stampede during Hajj this year, this incident has proved to be the deadliest incident of the year. In keeping with records from as a minimum 19 other countries imply that about 1,453 pilgrims had lost lives in the stampede incident. On the other hand, Iran has been condemning the Saudi kingdom for not doing enough to care for the pilgrims.

Soon after the incident, the Ministry of Religious Affairs received instructions from the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to compile details including names and passport numbers of the Pakistani pilgrims who had died or either are missing or injured. Therefore, the ministry established an emergency telephone line and an information desk which could provide all necessary details to the concerned families.