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Ministry of Human Rights to go all out ensuring amelioration of Amanat Masih’ vitiating health


Ministry of Human Rights and I will go all out seeking treatment and recovery of Amanat Masih, Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael stated. In a statement he expressed his appreciation for the Dawn News for publicizing the plight of Amanat Masih, who is suffering from chronic liver disease.

Amanat Masih treatment

Amanat Maish, a Pakistani Christian residing in Rawalpindi contracted liver disease and was informed by the doctors that his 70% of his liver is not functioning, followed by the diagnosis, he was required to under an expensive treatment which he is unable to endure. His health has been constantly flagging, worsening the situation for the Christian family.

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Federal Minister Kamran Michael took notice of the news aired on Dawn News and dispatched a team to Rawalpindi, which met with the dejected Christian and his family. The team led by MPA Shakeel Marcus reviewed the situation and assured Amanat Masih for all possible assistance from the Federal Minister Kamran Michael and his ministry.

“Soon after Eid I will visit, Amant Masih and inquire after his health,” Kamran M. said. “Whatever expenses will be incurred as a result of the treatment will be bore by Ministry of Human Rights. I call upon all charitable organizations to reach out to people like Amanat Masih, who are utterly unable to bear expenses of medical treatment.”

Join hands with the government to extend assistance to unfortunate people,” he continued. If our moral support and financial assistance of some help to fading lives, we all must put in our efforts. “I would go to any lengths in order to ensure all sort of assistance for Amanat Masih,” he said.