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Ministry Of Religious Affairs And Interfaith Harmony Deny’s illness Of Asia Bibi


Asia Bibi gets one chance

KARACHI: Demands for an independent Medical Board to examine the health of Asia Bibi, put forward.

According to details, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti- President of Pakistan Christian Congress has urged the government to form an independent Medical Board for examination of Asia Bibi. He has put forward this demand seeing the deteriorating health of Asia Bibi who reportedly is suffering from internal bleeding.

Asia Bibi who is presently, imprisoned in Multan jail is believed to be severely ill. According to reports, she has become so weak that she can hardly walk, vomits blood and is unable to eat.

Moreoever, in this regard, on July 24 an e-mail was sent by Imran Rashid, Section Officer in Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Government of Pakistan, on health of Asia Bibi. Dr. Bhatti says the email was unfair, as it stated that Asia Bibi is perfectly fine.

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The email sent by Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith harmony says, “It has been reported that health of condemned prisoner Mst. Asiya Bibi w/o Ashiq Masih confined in Women Jail, Multan has been assessed by General Physician and Psychiatrist has reported that she is physically and mentally fit”

The Ministry’s email further says, “On 30.06.2015, Superintendent, Women Jail, Multan has again been contacted to ascertain the latest health condition of Mst. Asiya Bibi, who has reported that the health condition of condemned prisoner is satisfactory. She is neither suffering from intestinal bleeding nor vomiting blood”

In response to the email, Dr. Bhatti has said that,“It was important that Interior Ministry of Government of Pakistan have notified about health of Asia Bibi nor that Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony because Jail facilities are under Interior Ministry and Government of Punjab therefore said note by Religious Affairs Ministry do not carry any legal justification. Moreover, situation of Prison Hospitals and medical facilities provided in it are not quite up to mark”

Dr. Bhatti further added that Asia Bibi is certainly physically and mentally ill as a result of her solitary confinement. The blasphemy accused Christian women who is on a death row has been imprisoned hundreds of miles away from her home which makes it impossible for her family to visit her on regular basis.