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Minorities being defamed on the pretext of alcohol business says a Christian leader


Naeem Khokhar Chairman CDUP slams alcohol businesses being run in the name of minorities say religious minorities are being defamed on the pretext of manufacture, sale and purchase of liquor. “Is alcohol is banned in Sindh then why not in the entire country,” he questions.

Christian leader calls for ban on alcohol

Naeem Khokhar said that Sindh High Court had decreed a ban on alcohol in the entire province on October 18, remarking that it was a breach of the Hadud Ordinance. “How come alcohol sale and purchase be allowed in the other provinces,” he questioned in the context of the Hadud Ordinance breach verdict of the Sindh High Court.

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He further questioned that why are the religious parties silent over the issue, why is still the business of alcohol still permitted elsewhere in the country, he asked. He further questioned the government saying that if liquor is prohibited in the religion then why is the tax imposed on its sale and purchase be considered legal.

He further mocked the facts that minorities are assigned the jobs such as those of hangmen and alcohol producers but they are not allowed to visit their Holy Land of Israel. He said that none of the religious parties are willing to raise this issue at higher level.

He said that it is obvious that drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in the religious books such as The Holy Bible, Geeta and Guru Garanth Sahab – still permits are issued in the name of minorities which are causing defamation of these religious minorities.