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Minorities’ Day Observed By Christians And Hindus In Lahore


LAHORE: Christians and Hindus, the two foremost minority communities in the city celebrated the Minorities’ Day.


Minorities in Pakistan
Minorities in Pakistan

Christians and Hindus celebrated the Minorities’ Day by offering prayers in Churches and Mandirs for prosperity of the country whilst held rallies, seminars and several ceremonies on Sunday the 11th of August, 2013.


The religious leaders, in their speeches called on the federal and provincial governments to strive to protect the minorities in Pakistan by providing them security and bestowing equal rights of citizenship to them. The leaders also said,” they are not only true Pakistanis but also patriotic children of this soil where they have been living for hundreds of years.”

However, continuing their demands, “That the government should figure out ways to annul all controversial articles in the constitution, especially Article 295-B and 295-C, which are creating a sense of bias towards the minorities.” Chairman of Human Liberation Commission Pakistan Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra, Senior Vice Chairman Razaq Yashwah, Director Pastor Anwar Javed and Anees Pervaiz Khan in a joint statement said, “Christians in Pakistan are insecure as blasphemy law 295-B and C are being utilised as a weapon against them.” The commission leaders called upon the United Nations to assign an independent commission to act against agencies that are proactive against peace and harmony in Pakistan.


All Pakistan Minorities Alliance-Founder Group held a special Minorities’ Day ceremony at Saint PaulChurch located at Walton presided over by the organisation’s head and former member Punjab Assembly Pervez Rafique, while John Victor, Dr Martin, Chaudhary Rasheed Joiya, Waseem Yousuf Varyam, Javed Bhatti, Advocate Tariq Javed, Khalid Shahzad, Intekhab Alam and Adil Salman also addressed the gathering.


On the other hand, Hindu community representative organisation Hindu Sudhar Sabha (HSS) also organised a cake-cutting ceremony at Garhi Shahu. At this occasion, HSS President Amernath Randhawa and other representatives of Hindus, including Ameet Kumar and Ram, addressed the assemblage and highlight the fact that, “the government should maintain the writ of state in areas where minorities were being forced to convert to other religions and girls from minority groups were being kidnapped and later converted through forced marriages.” Additionally he urged the government to provide improved educational and economical environments to Hindus.