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Minorities Demand Immediate Tabling of Minority Rights Commission Bill


NGO activists and representatives of minorities have taken notice of the delay in presenting the Minority Rights Commission draft in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. They have demanded that the provincial government needs to step up its efforts in doing so and take action immediately.

A seminar was held at a local hotel where the demand was put forward during a lecture on religious freedom and Minority Rights. It had been organized by the South Asia Partnership Pakistan.

The participants of the meeting put forward the notion the non-Muslims living in KP are till date faced with dozens of dilemmas thus the need of the reform commission is dire.

Some key problem faced by minorities in not only KP but Pakistan as a whole are, denial of basic rights, gaining admission in good educational institutes, early marriages, unemployment etc.

“The K-P government fixed a 3% quota for minorities, but unfortunately it is not being implemented properly,” said SAP-Pakistan Regional Coordinator Nusrat Ara. “They cannot continue their studies and if some manage to complete higher studies, finding jobs is difficult.”

The proposed Minority Rights Commission draft will come in as a breath of fresh air for the persecuted minorities in Pakistan. All key aspects of routine life have been addressed in the draft and it aims to elevate the status of minorities in KP.

Legal advisor Hashim Raza also proposed the Minority Protection Bill should be passed immediately so that land belonging to the minorities is not occupied unjustly.