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Minorities demand increased number of seats in National and Provincial Assemblies


Religious minorities demand an increase in number of seats reserved for them in the National and Provincial Assemblies. Justice and Peace Commission has demanded that minorities must be included in the mainstream at both national and provincial levels so that they can be play an instrumental role in the national progress.

Religious minorities in Pakistan

It was demanded that back in 2002, the number of seats were increased in National as well as Provincial assemblies but the number of seats reserved for minorities were not increased in context of an increase in population.

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Minorities complained that in Punjab Assembly the number of seats reserved for minorities in 9, and 3 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan Assemblies each. Similarly 9 seats are reserved for minorities in the Sindh Assembly while in the National Assembly there are only 10 seats reserved for minorities.

It was further pointed out that there must be an apt increase in the seats reserved for minorities in correspondence to an increase in their population, moreover they whine that women from minorities’ are not allocated a quota for the women’s seats in both national and provincial assemblies.

Participation of minorities is inevitable for national progression – non-Muslims are also citizens of Pakistan who have a duty towards their country. In order to fulfill this duty they must be included in the mainstream, JPC demanded.

We call for an immediate increase in number of seats for the minorities in the national and provincial assemblies, and call for a 5 percent quota for the minorities’ women for the seats reserved for women in the assemblies, Justice and Peace Commission demanded. “We strongly condemn the curtailing of political rights of minorities in the country.”