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Minorities’ persecution: If extremist elements do not recede they will be hooked says President of Pakistan


Extremist elements that target religious minorities in the country, will be hooked, President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain said. He added that religious minorities have faced unpleasant situations a number of times, which tainted national harmony, yet national unity disenchanted this heinous aim of the extremists.

Religious Minorities in Pakistan

President of Pakistan clarified that violence against religious minorities is contrary to Islamic teachings. He warned the extremist elements that aim to create disharmony in the country, if they did not stop to sow discord. He said that such elements will not be spared by law. “Islam is defender of rights of religious minorities,” he said. Any such violent act against the religious minorities is completely conflicting with Islam’ concepts and teachings, he added.

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He further explained that religious minorities can be likened to beautiful flowers in a national bouquet. He praised the role of minorities in the establishment of Pakistan saying that they stood side by side with the Muslims and played pivotal role in the creation of Pakistan.

Religious minorities specially the Christians have been instrumental in the development and progress of the country, and they deserve praise for their active involvement in national betterment. However, he said that a rise in anti-minorities’ violence is alarming. He said that certain elements behind this phenomenon are trying to tarnish national harmony but they will not see success.