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Minorities suffer most atrocities, violence and conflicts in South Asia: Report says


A recent report compiled by the National Commission for Justice and Peace and Women in Struggle for Empowerment, minorities in the region are facing a dismal situation. It is where the religious minorities face severe restrictions, frequent human rights violations and conflicts.

Religious minorities in South Asia

The report was launched on October 27, at an event which was attended by media personnel, human rights campaigners, representatives of religious minorities and civil society. The first edition of this report seeks to chalk out detailed reports to assess country’s performance based on minority rights events.

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While speaking in this regard, Kashif Aslam, Coordinator at NCJP presented an introduction of the report, as he thanked the contributors of the report as well. While addressing the participants, Director of WISE, Ms. Bushra Khaliq said: “Victimization of religious minorities in south Asia is very high we can use this report as reference book for advocacy purpose at national, regional and international level.”

She further said, “The recommendations came through this discussion would be a part of next version. The report is based on credible statistics and data gathered from an all credible organization like HRCP. A special thanks to NCJP, WISE and Mr. Cecil Shane Chaudhry for their support both organization believe that all citizens are equal without any sort of discrimination.”

At the same time, Cecil Shane, Executive Director at NCJP, said: “The report is authentic and credible in itself. The guidance by advisory committee is also very essential for the report. We can use the report to do the advocacy for the protection of rights of religious minorities in south Asia and at international level. The report will be helpful during Universal periodic review.”