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Minorities In Pakistan To Face Increased Persecution After 2014 A Well Known Journalist Predicts


LONDON: A Pakistan- born British journalist foresees more persecution for religious minorities in 2014.

According to details, Sheraz Khan, a Pakistan-born journalist, while talking outside the House of the Lords London expressed his concerns about the religious minorities in Pakistan doubting, that the religious and ethnic minorities of Pakistan specifically the Christians of the country will meet more persecution after the evacuation of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and US forces from Afghanistan in 2014. He sternly, condemned the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt.


Sheraz Khan doubts more persecution in 2014
Sheraz Khan doubts more persecution in 2014

Sheraz Khan asserts, “The exit scenario of NATO and US forces could mean that the Taliban, who were toppled by the US-led invasion in 2001, will attempt to again impose themselves on the people of Afghanistan.”

He added, “Regardless of a Taliban success, there would be a massive spill over effect on Pakistan, as they would then attempt to infiltrate deeper into the country.”

He said that, “The recent upsurge in attacks orchestrated by Taliban in Pakistan had made already marginalised minorities communities more prone to abuse.” Meanwhile he called upon clerics of all persuasions to boost their labours for promotion a culture of peace, tolerance and co-existence.


Sheraz Khan has been engaged in an all-embracing struggle for the persecuted minorities in Pakistan. He worked for the ASSIST News Service (ANS) as a special correspondent in Pakistan campaigning for “empowerment of minorities in Pakistan and around the world.” For the most part he was “profoundly concerned” over the “widespread and on-going misuse of Pakistan blasphemy laws.”


“Minorities’ sacrifices in nation-building should be acknowledged and Pakistani government should make sure that members of minority communities are included in all prestigious public and private and policy-making institutions,” he added.


Sheraz Khan while reflecting on the topical PeshawarChurch calamity, he said, “The incident suggested that Taliban launched the attack to pressure Pakistan incumbent government to give into their demands.”


He also expressed deep grief over the incident at the same time he confessed that,” I was touched by an act of forgiveness by the Rev. Aftab Gohar, a Grangemouth minister of the Church of Scotland’s who reportedly pardoned people behind the All Saints Church suicide attack. Rev Gohar lost his mother, his nephew and a niece in the suicide attack, and yet instead of condemning them, prayed to God to give the killers wisdom.”