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Miracle with North Korean Women in Labor Camp


Esther (For security reason her real name is kept hidden) was fleeing to China but was arrested and brought back to North Korea. She told that she was detained to a labor camp after being arrested. She was put in a cell like animal. A cell was only the size of 2×2 square meters which contains 40 prisoners that they could not even lie down properly.
Miracle in North Korean women Labor Camp

She told that in her cell a lady was quite different from other prisoners. She seemed relaxed in that hellish situation. One day Esther asked her the reason of being peaceful. She told Esther that she was treated like a princess by God during her stay in China.

Esther made fun of that thin old lady, saying that she wanted to be a princess too. That old lady asked Esther to pray like her. Then they prayed together thanking God.

Later Esther asked her that why she should be thankful for that hellish prison cell. The princess of God said her to thank God again and again. Esther thanked God and prayed for her release.

The lady shared the word of God with the prisoners in the cell. She told them to pray to the Father. She reflected her faith to us with the news that soon God will release her. Whatever she said happened and she left the cell with one male member of her family.

Later impressed by the princess of God, Esther prayed for three days. Then a guard came to Esther and asked her about her relatives living nearby. Esther told about her brother. Afterward the guard came in the evening again and told her that he got her brother which was not less than a miracle.

Then Esther’s brother had to bribe the guard for her release. After few months payment in installment she got released from the prison and fled back to China.

In China she joined the Bible study which changed her life. She experienced the life within God and confessed her sins. She went to South Korea after a few years.

She believes that God does miracles in the lives of His people. In prison she wanted to share her prison life experience of North Korea with the people around the world. And presently she is given the chance by Open Doors.

She told that during her youth she never stayed at home on Sunday. She did not comprehend that why her grandfather and his friends had a meeting on Sunday while in North Korea Sunday is the day of rest.

After many years when she entered in the new faith she dreamed about her grandfather then she realized that throughout those years her grandfather had been praying for her. Since having faith in Jesus Christ is concealed in North Korea therefore her grandfather did not share his faith with her. Esther’s two children are in North Korea whom she contacted.

She believes that God will do more miracles and bring her children out of North Korea then she will share gospel with them and make them the followers of Jesus Christ.

North Korea is designated on first rank on the Open Doors list 2018. It is the worst place for Christian persecution in the world. Between two to four hundred thousand North Korean Christians pray in secret or leading life in prison cells.

Open Doors team members supply the Word of God, medicine and food to help persecuted Christians. This organization broadcast Christian program on radio in North Korea. Moreover it provides shelters to North Korean defectors.