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Mob Available For Rent In Pakistan


It is not difficult to gather a mob in Pakistan. Hundreds of people are just a phone call away. They will gather and beat you to a pulp and if you are still alive, will douse you in petrol and finish the job at hand.

A man told BBC Urdu about this and said that mobs can be used in any way. There is a proper system running behind it and like any business rates apply and profits are equally shared.

To investigate this matter, BBC Urdu reached a place where people armed with weapons were sitting. Some were busy having breakfast and others cleaning their weapons. In one corner a deal of providing a mob was being made.

The owner of the business said that they take money for any size of mob they send to any place. Money needs to be deposited into a bank account before we send people out. Arrangements for food are made for the participants of the mob. If someone is arrested, we get them bailed out.

Mr. Khwaja also said that mobs are used for developmental purposes also. He relates an incident when gas was not being provided to an area. They gathered a mob that blocked roads and railway lines and gas was then made available.

The owner of the business that provides mobs for rent accepted that sometimes the power vested in the mob is misused. If a cleric announces from a mosque that a blasphemy incident has taken place, paid participants of the mob do not inquire. They kill first and ask later. “To control them is not in our hands,” said Khwaja.

Killing of Shama and Shahzad, the incident of blasphemy in which a man was killed, the death of two brothers in Sialkot, all are examples of atrocities committed by mobs, which might have just been rented out.