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More Than 100 million Christians Are Being Persecuted Worldwide A Report Says


Christians suffering persecution

More than 100 million Christians are facing persecution in various countries worldwide.

According to Caritas Italy, in excess of 100 million Christians across the globe are suffering discrimination, persecution and violence. This persecution comes at the hands of tyrannous governments and hostile countries where it is hard to practice Christianity.

In a recent report by the Caritas, in North Korea alone, an estimated 50 to 70.000 Christians are currently being detained in local detention camps as practicing Christianity publicly is perilous, in world’s most hostile country towards Christianity.

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In their report, Caritas mentioned other countries where Christians are facing massive persecution include Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan, according to Functional the report.

The report states that between November 2013 and October 2014, about 4,344 Christians were killed in religion based sectarian violence. However, this is not enough; during this period about 1,062 churches were attacked.

In line with Caritas, the figures publicised in their report portray an increasing trend of religious intolerance in the Middle East. In current times, Middle East is the hot bed of region based violence where numerous Christians are either killed or persecuted in many other ways by extremist militants from the Islamic State (ISIS) group.