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Most Christians are Unaware of the Persecution of Christians around the world


A distinguished, Christian Human Rights Activist with more then 25 years of service to the persecuted Christians says that most Christians are “ignorant” of the worldwide persecution of Christians. 

Dr. Ron Boyd-MacMillan, Chief  Strategy Officer of the Open Doors International said that the Church in America needs to broaden the awareness amongst the Christians about what is happening to Christians around the world.

“I think the key thing though is that the church needs to get its story out to the worldwide church better. There are still far too many Christians in the world that are either just ignorant or even deliberately so of the true extent of Christian persecution” he brought out. “We can get out our story better, that there are literally hundreds of millions of Christians in the world who cannot exercise their freedom of worship,” he added.

According to a list of countries where Christians are persecuted most, North Korea ranks first. A majority of countries in the list are Muslim countries, where Islamic extremism is dominant. For instance, Afghanistan ranks 3rd , Egypt 25th , Iran 8th , Pakistan 14th , Saudi Arabia 2nd , Somalia 5th  and Yemen 9th .