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Most Hostile Country Towards Christianity


North Korea is the most hostile country towards Christianity, ranking first in the list of most hostile nations towards Christians.

The persecutions of Christians in North Korea equals none, the state religion of North Korea is Atheism.  The communist doctrine of North Korea deems religion an “opiate” of the people if  that religion is not the cult of “Great Leader Kim II Sung” or his son “Dear Leader Kim Jong II.” Being a Christian is regarded as one of the worst possible crimes in the state.  

During the past years, hundreds of Christians were arrested on account of following their Christian Faith, a number of them were executed in public. The most general penalty for being a Christian is to be sent to labor camps. Owning a Bible is enough for a death sentence or lifetime imprisonment in one of the brutal labor camps in the country.

Despite sever hardships, the Church is growing in numbers in this most hostile country on the face of the earth. A ballpark figure of 400,000 Christians continue to survive this mounting antagonism as they worship secretly. These believers in most cases hide their faith to survive; Christian children are not taught about their faith until they become well trained to hide their Christian belief from the public.