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MOSUL: Muslim Neighbours Looted Houses Of Christians Who Fled


A 50-year-old priest from Mosul says Christianity is almost finished in Mosul.

Iraqi priest reveals plight of Christians in Mosul
Iraqi priest reveals plight of Christians in Mosul

According to a media report, Youhanna Issa a preist from Mosul said, after experiencing direct violence of Islamic State militiamen, Christian refugees have “lost trust” in Muslims, and wonder “how they can possibly live with them,” like the “neighbours who, in the days after the escape, looted their homes and took their property.”

“Christians are suffering a lot,” the priest said. “They live in abandoned, crumbling houses. Food is sometimes in short supply. There is no money to provide for everyday basic needs. The crisis is here to stay and will not be solved in a few weeks. With ISIS’s arrival, they no longer believe that they can live with Muslims, relations have become lop-sided and it is clear that “there is no more trust. When there is no order, when there is no rule of law, when Christians become victims, problems emerge. Some refugees are angry. Others are waiting for the Lord’s grace, i.e. they want to flee. Others show patience and want to believe in change.”

For Fr Youhanna Issa, “Iraq’s future is one of conflict and increasingly sharp divisions. This will likely lead to the country’s dismemberment unless a strong government emerges with a strong military presence that can control the territory.”