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Mother Teresa of Egypt – Mama Maggie Helps Kids Dream Big


For the many Christians living in Cairo’s garbage slums, the only life they know is garbage picking, sorting through tons of trash each day for recyclables.

Many children here do not attend school. They spend their days picking through the garbage to help their families earn a few dollars per day. It’s the most efficient recycling operation in the world.

And those who visit these Cairo neighborhoods will see garbage everywhere–in the streets, and even piled inside the homes of the Zabaleen, the garbage people

It’s a hopeless existence, but one Christian’s goal is to give them love today and a future tomorrow.Mama Maggie, as she is known, hopes to give them a chance at life outside the slums.

Unlike Mother Teresa, who came from poverty and took a vow of poverty, Mama Maggie came from wealth. And during an encounter when she was a successful marketing executive, connected with a child in the garbage slums–a famous district of Cairo that has been mostly neglected.

She found joy and happiness there and returned over time. She eventually gave up her marketing career and started a ministry called Stephen’s Children. Mama Maggie’s ministry teaches the children trades like shoe and clothing manufacturing–marketable skills for earning money and serving others, whether in the garbage slums, or elsewhere.

It is amazing to see that sort of genuine selflessness in a world where you so rarely see it. A perspective of serving and helping, bringing hope and dignity to the most neglected places