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Movement against corrupt churchmen hailed by National United Pastors’ Association Pakistan


National United Pastors Association Pakistan welcomes Pastor Samuel Khokhar’s movement against corrupt church leaders. His move was also hailed by Diocese of Sialkot along with 24 other church organizations. “We salute Pastor Samuel Khokhar’s stance against corrupt church leaders,” NUPAP President stated.

Pakistani Church leaders

National United Pastors’ Association Pakistan further stated that church properties have fell prey to corrupt people who have been detrimental owing to their own selfish interests. “We acknowledge and appreciate Pastor Samuel Khokhar’s vision,” NUPAP asserted.

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At the same time, NUPAP assured support for Pastor Samuel Khokhar, maintaining that corrupt people in churches’ administrations have caused a great deal of loss by illegally selling properties belonging to churches. Funds of Mission’s institutes were embezzled by corrupt leaders, NUPAP claimed.

We want impeachment of all such people who have misused funds aimed for betterment of widows and orphans and channelized the money for their own personal gains. In the statement, National United Pastors’ Association Pakistan President, condemned all such organization that are operating in the name of religion while are looting innocent people on the pretext of religion.