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Ms. Sherry Rehman Under Investigation By Pakistani Police


Senior politician of Pakistan People’s Party and an Ambassador to the USA, Sherry Rehman likely to be replaced.

Sherry Rehman convicted of Blasphemy
Sherry Rehman convicted of Blasphemy

Ms. Rehman was convicted of blasphemy, trailed by admittance of petition against her in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. She is now officially being scrutinized by the Pakistani police. The convicted Ambassador is at present in Pakistan confronted by legal hassle. The petition against Ms. Rehman came from a business man, Muhammad Faheem Akhter Gill, who alleges Ms. Rehman’s comments in an interview to be blasphemous. In that interview by a TV channel, she expressed her intension to get the penalty of death sentence annulled for the blasphemy convicts.
By Madeeha Shakeel